Marketing online for water & fire restoration can be a daunting process. How do you manage a successful internet marketing campaign while still saying sane? And not breaking the bank… There are 3 secrets that will significantly impact your internet marketing that i’ve compiled from the last 5 years of testing. Follow these and your chances of insane success are much higher! There are thousands of Restoration companies whose primary source of revenue is from the internet, why not you? Follow these 3 NO B.S. secrets and you’ll set yourself to dominate online.


Focus on the larger advertising mediums

What does this mean? It means that you need to stay away from all the small marketing websites that are scrambling to get your hard earned dollars. There are new “lead generation”, search engine, and “we’ll promote your company” websites that are starting up everyday. Focus on the big players. Who are the big players? Google & Yelp. What about yahoo/bing?? NO. Google owns 80%+ of online search. What about yellow pages online? Nope. What about yellowbook online? Nope. Logically you would think that the costs would be less on these smaller websites like Home Advisor, Yahoo, etc. And yes, your right. But the problem is that people don’t use those websites as much for Flood Restoration. You need to advertise where people are searching. And right now, they are searching on Google & Yelp.

How do I know this? Almost all of our internet marketing revenue comes from Google and Yelp. If you look at the image Above, this shows all of our “DRYOUT” volume, not our construction volume from these internet jobs. This is revenue that is generated from the internet. Our most profitable internet marketing sources are Google and Yelp. Our plumbing campaign is something special that i’ll be sharing in a couple weeks. As you can see, Bing has produced no results. Actually i’ve been testing Bing for the last 4 months and have only closed 1 job from it. We just turned off that campaign.

So focus on the sources that work. Don’t waste your time with these smaller websites that promise you leads online. Get your own leads. Also, if there was a 4th secret, it would be TRACK YOUR CAMPAIGNS. Feel free to use the spreadsheet above or email me and I can send it to you.

Research Your Competition & Improve On It
You might be thinking, Skylar, Duh. Won’t you don’t realize is most people don’t know very much about how their competition is advertising online. If you want to be ultra successful, copy other successful people.

So how do you do this online?
The first thing is do a search for “Water Damage (Your City)” on Google. See who comes up. Notice the top 3 people that come up. Those are the PAID traffic. These people are paying a certain amount per click to be at the top of the listing. Notice who is there. Have you seen these people before? Their trucks or vans in your neighborhoods? How big of a company are they. Have they grown recently or have they been in your area for a while. Whoever is in spots 1 or 2 are getting most of the floods. When someone searches online, they are calling those guys.
The next step is copy what they are doing. First you want to find out long they are advertising on the top. Check every couple days to see if the same people are there. And if you want to be safe, check for a couple weeks. If the same person is still at the top, he is there for a reason. Chances are he is generating good revenue. So it’s time to copy. What are their ads saying? What keywords are they going for? How does their website look? Duplicate what seems to be working and IMPROVE ON IT. Don’t just duplicate, change it around and make it a little better.

So those are the PPC (Pay Per Click) advertisements. Next is the Organic listings. These are the people below the ads who are not paying Google to be there. The top 3 people here are getting about 30% of the floods. The PPC guys are getting around 70%. Usually you will see the top 3 Google Local listings. These listings only show up if you have registered your address with Google. Notice in the image. What stands out? The STARS! You need to have over 5 reviews to have your stars show.

Notice that Rainbow International only has one review, so his stars aren’t showing. He is missing out because most people are clicking on either 911 or Paul Davis.

You may be thinking, how can I, a smaller company, compete with these big companies. I just don’t have the money to spend. There are many ways actually. Your budget can be lower and you can still do things better, as in the example above. Rainbow may be paying an SEO company to get him ranked up there, but he’s missing the other part. The stars. So with the right strategy you can easily have a highly profitable campaign.

Google doesn’t care how big you are.
Google has no clue how big of a company you are. All they want to know is are you providing good content that people want to see. As an example, there are many cities where a random carpet cleaning company is ranking as high as as Servpro or Servicemaster franchise. How can this be?! Why would Google put a 2 man carpet cleaning company on top of a large franchise water damage company? For a water damage keyword!?

There are many methods to making this happen. The first step though is realizing that it’s possible. You can compete with the big guys. Or if you’re a big guy, you can dominate even more.
First thing, start with reviews. Google loves seeing reviews. Have your friends/family leave reviews of your company or even of you as a person. Make sure you get over 5 reviews. Check your competition and see how many other people have reviews and try to get more than them.

Next make sure your website matching for water damage. Add the water damage keywords to your site. Ex: “Water Damage Orange County” or “Water Damage Palm Beach Florida”. Your website needs to have the relevant keywords sprinkled throughout.
Also make sure you are putting NEW content on your website. Google will rank you higher the most relevant and recent your content is. Google wants to see that you are putting new and updated posts to your site. I would recommend once a week or once every 2 weeks.

The key to all of this is committing to dominate your area online. You might try one of these things and fail. But you need to keep trying. There is so much opportunity online for Water and Fire companies.

If you want some hope, realize that our company went from 0 to $4,000,000 in under 5 years and a majority of it was from Internet Marketing. It is possible to do 75k to 100k a month in dryout revenue.
Or what would an extra $20,000 a month do for your company? That is 3 or 4 floods a month.

The cost of researching and spending some money on internet marketing is well worth it. Just don’t do it through