Quality Designs

Restoration Mentor provide clients with quality custom designs tailored to our clients needs. Your business’ website serves as your company’s virtual store, in which online clientele and prospective customers interact with. Which is why its important to have a nice clean modern site, to keep your prospective customers interested. The first thing that any visitors will notice when visiting your site (even before the content itself) is the design and layout. A website that is attractive and easy to navigate is much more appealing than one that is bland and overly confusing, and will help with ROI in the long run.


In the earlier days of the internet it used to seem as if utilizing online marketing strategies such as SEO

were a luxurious approach that only large scale organizations and entities could hope to make use of. While the accessibility of SEO marketing has improved over the years, many businesses are still hesitant about committing their hard earned resources to try and use SEO to boost their reach. At Restoration Mentor we have continuously been striving to make affordability one of our main concerns and this is why our prices are some of the most affordable in the industry.

Targeting The Right Keywords

We do a deep analysis for every business that seek SEO services. Targeting the right keyword is crucial in providing a ROI.

So why do business want SEO? Being number 1 with no traffic is pointless. Businesses want customers, here at Restoration Mentor, we look after your ultimate goal.

Companies often go for “easy keyword” that provide little or no value to that business. That is why alot of companies have lost faith in SEO services due to very little ROI and the high cost of SEO.

What's Included:

Speed Optimization

Before launching your new site we optimize for load time and site performance.

Content Migration

We will migrate content from your existing website.

SEO Tools

We install and initialize Yoast(or your preferred SEO) plugin

Functionality Addons

A functionality addon is a plugin, site component, or other integration that requires in-depth development.
Example: SalesForce web-to-lead form.

SEO Consulting

Our SEO team will help with redirects for your new site migration as well as optimize your site's Titles, Descriptions, and H1 tags for improved organic rankings and performance.

Site Analytics

In addition to your Google Analytics and Search Console codes, we install a site analytics plugin.

Monthly Updates

The number of monthly updates included in the package are not to exceed one hour each session, and are by request only. Updates do not roll over.


We will create your site’s blog and your desired categories. We will import posts from your existing site if possible.

Daily Backup

Our suggested hosting with WP Engine provides daily backups. For clients who choose to use other hosting, we will help set up a backup schedule, if possible.

Suggested Hosting:

Our Advanced and Ecommerce websites can be hosted on most any Linux-based server. We suggest and encourage hosting with WP Engine, which provides exceptional support and security.

Customizable Web Development Packages


A 6-month payment plan of


Plus a one-time account setup fee


A 6-month payment plan of


Plus a one-time account setup fee


A 6-month payment plan of


Plus a one-time account setup fee

See everything that's included

After 6 months, all packages become month-to-month, decreasing to $149/mo, and include one monthly update.

Websites sold in conjunction with SEO Consulting may take up to 2 additional weeks for our team to complete.

Is a Customizable WordPress Site Right for You?

I don’t have a website

Whether you need a website for a new venture or you’re transitioning a brick and mortar business online, a customizable WordPress website will establish your digital presence. We’ll match our expertise to your unique situation and create the site you need to compete in the digital space.

My website is not mobile‑friendly

People use their phones to weigh out buying options at every stage of the customer journey. If they can’t find and interact with your business across multiple devices, you risk losing a large pool of potential customers. Your WordPress site will be customized to look great and work seamlessly across any device.

I am limited on time and budget

Your WordPress site will be live within 4 weeks*. Since each package is broken out into a 6-month payment plan, you can budget accordingly without sacrificing other key investments.